Katie Gillin – Counseling Services

One of Katie’s favorite things in life is to connect with others, and she does this through two of her passions: talk therapy and energy healing work.

With a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy on the way, Katie sees individuals, couples, families, and runs groups.  She is well versed in working with those dealing with anxiety and depression, life transitions, spiritual issues, addiction, severe mental disorders, and anyone else who asks themselves, “Who am I? and, “Who do I want to be?”.  For more information and what psychological approaches Katie uses, check out her website at www.therapywithkatie.org


More than anything, Katie wants us all to feel the healing effects of connection, love, and nonjudgement.  If that is what you seek, please contact her for Counseling services or Energy Healing.

Please call 317.850.5390 or email for a consultation or appointment.

Katie Gillin
Katie Gillin